God be Glorified

“Do I want to see God glorified or God glorified through me.”

When I was first asked this question, I did my best to dismiss it because obviously I want to see God be glorified, no matter who was leading the charge. Obviously, I want to see my brothers and sisters in Christ do well and thrive in the body! Obviously, I love it when I’m called and prepared for a position in the church and someone else gets it instead of me…NOPE! I don’t love it when someone else gets something I want. I’m a very competitive person and for a long time I couldn’t help but see this as a loss or failure. I couldn’t help but feel like I wasn’t chosen because I wasn’t good enough or ready for the responsibility. I would think, “Well, they are the leaders and they clearly don’t think I’m good enough to do this task”. As I got older, this way of thinking continued to feed my bitterness. Until the day I heard this question and the lesson that came along with it. Here’s the Danielle version of it.

In the story of Esther, there was a large group of women that were being prepared to be the king’s new wife. I don’t believe for one minute that Esther was the prettiest, smartest, or most qualified woman there. There were probably women there who shared her religious views and behaved in similar ways as her, but favor was granted to Esther. She was made the queen because the king loved her best (Esther 2:17) and God had a plan for her. Do you think the women that weren’t chosen started saying to themselves, “Well, I could’ve done that” or “I would’ve had more courage and told him sooner than she did”, or maybe, “I could make the king so much happier than she can”… and if you think they weren’t cynical, I disagree with you. How many times have you thought you could do something better than another? How many times have you thought a job position or a person was or is rightfully yours? How many times have you not asked for help in life because the only person who does it right is you? Then you, like the rest of us have some pride issues, congrats. We (all of us) have this desire to be successful in life, in love, in our personal relationships and in our relationship with God. We all want to do amazing things for God’s kingdom, to the point that it makes us upset when we aren’t the center of attention.It’s almost as if we hold the map so close to our faces, it obstructs our ability to see the road we are meant to be navigating. We are meant to go where we’ve been told to go. All of us have a call on our life, and we all have giftings, but you are not meant to do every job. Sometimes, the job you’ve been asked to do is small and mundane in your eyes because you would rather be leading worship Sunday mornings, but I’m here to remind you when your heart is in the right place, it all glorifies God! Understanding this is easy, but applying it to our lives is sometimes hard to do. I encourage you this week to really take a look at how you view your brothers and sisters in Christ and how you view your position in the body. Are you genuinely happy for them in their various positions in the church?  Or are you cynical and critical because they don’t do something as well as you believe you can?

Ask yourself: “Do I want to see God glorified every day in every way no matter what?   Or do I want God to be glorified only through my actions?”


I am 24, I love Jesus, I like pizza, and I'm ready to see whats beyond the river bend.

One thought on “God be Glorified

  1. Hi Danielle,
    very good and important Thoughts, while I would like to bring up another Argument, just for the Contrast.
    While Pride certainly plays a Role in how we feel when someone else gets a Position that we wanted, in Life often the best People do not hold the Positions they should have. The best Person could be you. So if you are the best Person for a Job, get it ! And if you are not good in the Job you will loose it fast enough… You will help other People by being in that Position. There is a Difference between Competence and Arrogance. So you should try to get the Position, but if you don’t get it don’t think you are not good enough. In the End we all have to fight, Day by Day. Understanding the Struggle of the others beside you is an important Point.
    And I also see today that some People are so full of themselves that they would never accept anybody else but them to be in leading Positions. That is of Course not how we should behave.
    And you are right, also the little Jobs have to be done, maybe by yourself – don’t look down upon People that do the small Jobs. If the Servant does not do his Job the Lord might not even get to work 😉
    In my Opinion it is often a Problem in Leadership, when Leaders tend to elect/promote People they sympathize more with, instead of getting the best Person for the Job. Yet God does not elect his People like we do. In the Face of God we are all equal. He loves us all equally. His Judgement will be just towards us. So that gives me Peace that I don’t have to compete with others in the Face of God, but can do the right Thing. That Thought gives me Peace and Freedom.
    Wish you a wonderful Day !


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